Beagle Bone Black and ROS Training Session Course 101

Beagle Bone Black (BBB) is a great way to begin using ROS for any size Robot project. Since ROS is a messaging / distributed based architecture, 4 Beagle Bone Blacks can make a very inexpensive, low power, yet powerful robot system. We have designed a class to get you past the steep learning curve so you can start using your BBB and ROS effectively. This course will focus on basic IO, motor control and switch sensing. At the end of the class you will have:

  • A working BBB running the latest ROS
  • A reference BBB interface for a 2 motor controller (we will be using LEDs instead of motors)
  • Your laptop running ROS via a virtual machine

Included in the fee:

We provide the reference motor controller, bread board, LEDs, switches, jumper cables

USB drive with software, reference design, documentation, homework, examples for other interfaces

Coffee, Lunch, Snack Break

Not included, you need to bring:

Beagle Bone Black with 4Gig SD card and power supply

USB cable that comes with the BBB

Laptop with VirtualBox installed and power supply


Setup and Configuration:

Get you connected to your BBB via your Laptop, install drivers and best practices

Provide you with a working Angstrom build with the latest ROS Indigo implementation on your BBB

Show you how to install the Angstrom build with ROS image onto your BBB

Show you how to test the installation and then how to configure start up and networking on your BBB

Guide you through all the steps to configure and launch ROS on your BBB

Show you how to keep your BBB software up to date

Interfacing with the Real World:

Show you how to create, build, install and test a simple 2 motor control to your BBB (we will be using LEDs instead of motors)

Show you how to connect the motor controller to ROS and really get into using ROS

Using ROS:

Create the ROS Motor controller parameter files and then a sample movement file.

Show you how to have ROS load the movement files and then how the Motor Controller parameters effect the movement of the Robot. (watch the LEDs)

Use ROS publish and subscribe

Show how to add additional sensors to control your robot (we have 4 switches)

Connecting to ROS:

Create a virtual machine on your Laptop using VirtualBox /Ubuntu 14.0.4/ ROS Indigo

Use your laptop to be a secondary ROS node to show how to distribute the ROS work load

Show you how to tele operate your BBB Motor controller from your laptop


Links to additional resources. Books, Tutorials, Website

Show you how to use the ROS answer site

Access to user forum and software repository


Typically we will have limited internet connectivity, so come prepared.

We provide wireless access to our setup and build server, but no proxy to the outside world.

Register Today, Space is Limited

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,Learn to use ROS with your very own Beagle Bone Black!

This course is offered on May 2, 2015

Class begins promptly at 9:00 AM and ends at 3:30 PM.


Hacker Dojo -- Conference Room

599 Fairchild Drive

Mountain View, CA 94043


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