Our Courses are broken down into the 5 Fundamental Characteristics of Robots:

1. CONTROL* - Basic hardware systems which computes, controllers and feedback with switches

2. LOCATION - GPS, IMU, poses, position sensor to give the robot sense of self

3. PERCEPTION - Sensor for observing the outside world, cameras, lidars (light detection and ranging), sound, and sensor arrays

4. COMMUNICATION - Communicates to the outside world, allowing for external commands and remote control

5. INTELLIGENCE & PERSONALITY - Combining a domain specific knowledge base with sensor data to plan actions

*ROS is the glue that binds each of these fundamental characteristics together by enabling predictable control, communication and intelligence. ROS entry level classes are listed under the CONTROL sub tab. Introduction to basic interactions with hardware and simple switch sensors will allow beginners to teach robots tasks. The skill to have hardware and software deal a repetitive task is not considered true intelligence, however the basics of CONTROL are required for automation. CONTROL does include one element of perception where switch feed back touches on obvious perception. By taking the CONTROL level classes you will obtain a solid foundation to control your robot. All of our advanced topic courses build off the basics learned in our CONTROL classes.

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